An interview with Roger Carter: WeMaintain's first engineer in London

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Name: Roger Carter

Job Title: Engineer

WeMaintain Start Date: June 2020

What were your first feelings before joining WeMaintain? Did you have any apprehensions?

Just before joining I had recently changed jobs, so I was equally excited but nervous to start with WeMaintain as it was a step into the unknown and away from a new role I was doing well in. But I remember meeting Tom and Benoit and even before the interview was over, I was convinced that WeMaintain was where I wanted to be. 

How has the company changed since you started?

When I started with WeMaintain back in June 2020, I was the first engineer hired in the UK so it’s been great to see the company grow to where it is today. Even in just the year that I’ve been here, I really feel as though I’ve progressed and grown as an engineer and also as a person. 

What does a day at work look like for you?

Well, my day at WeMaintain is very different compared to past jobs, as I get to plan and manage my own day. This can involve sending emails to customers and advising on services or repairs. I’m also able to create quotes, a responsibility I’ve not had in previous jobs. 

The fact we have meetings to catch up on weekly events and sales is brilliant as you really feel involved and updated on the goings on of the rest of the teams. No day is boring or the same. 

What do you like most about working at WeMaintain?

For me, it feels like I’m working with WeMaintain as opposed to for WeMaintain. But the best part has to be the team, from the office to the field! There is always help and advice just at the end of the phone. I also love the fact we have the opportunity to build strong and happy relationships with our customers.

How does WeMaintain compare to your previous job roles?

One of the main differences I’ve found is WeMaintain’s approach to their customers, the ‘care’ value is really shown here. Each customer is as important as the next and treated as such. As an engineer, it’s also great that we are involved so much in what’s happening elsewhere in the business, such as in the sales conversations and product development. 

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain as an employer?

I would 100% recommend WeMaintain! If you get the chance to join us you will definitely not be disappointed. WeMaintain has really set itself apart from other companies I’ve worked for, the culture is so important and everyone gets on so well. We work hard but we do it as a team, and I don’t feel like just a number here. 

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