From Outsider to Insider: What I've Learned at MIPIM

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By Jade Francine

Back then, Proptech (the combination of “Property” and “Technology” words) was a new trend and the number of startups was quite limited. Technology was mostly seen as a cost and convincing real estate corporates was challenging. To be honest sometimes we felt a bit lonely among all the blue and grey suits talking about investing million and billion to change the city and not really interested into technology 🙄.

5 years on and things have changed. Tech is now a key topic at each MIPIM edition.

In a post Covid world, technology and data offered by Proptech startups has been considered as one of the main solutions to better monitor buildings, anticipate costs and improve business efficiency. Real estate assets owners and managers have realized that in order to move fast and adapt, they could collaborate with startups, organizations which have a totally different DNA than the real estate corporates.

More recently ESG constraints have turned into a reality. Investors, regulations, increasing energy’s price and interest rates have forced the industry to pause and really think about its future. I can’t name all the initiatives and discussions being launched but the most daunting challenge facing the real estate industry today and over the long term remains climate change. No doubt about it. The industry has answered positively to the challenge and accepted the role its plays and the responsibilities it carries. The global real estate market is worth $362trn but is responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. For this reason it stands front and centre in the adaption to climate change.

PropTech can play a vital role in supporting and helping the industry achieving its targets.

What I have observed over the last 5 years 👀

What I predict 🔮

We’re all looking forward to seeing this transformation to happen. I believe that’s why ongoing conversations must happen among corporates, startups and users. At MIPIM or anywhere else.

Can’t wait for MIPIM 2024.

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