Get to know Christophe Thomas, Senior Software Developer and remote employee at WeMaintain

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How long have you worked for WeMaintain?

I've been working at WeMaintain since mid May 2021, so it's already been 6 months.

Have you been a remote employee before at your previous companies?

Not really, I've worked fully remote during the covid lockdowns that took place in France, and between lockdowns I've worked partially remote (1-3 days a week at the office).

WeMaintain is my first full time remote experience for a company that is not located in the city where I'm living.

What has been your experience working with WeMaintain?

My experience has been amazing so far! I was a bit afraid of the distance that could affect coworker relationships, but everything at WeMaintain is made for you to be able to work remotely with your team, and to feel just like you were at the office. 

People at WeMaintain have adopted full, or at least partial remote working, as part of their work routine and I think it really suits everyone. One tool in place that makes this easier, is every week you can choose to take part in a meeting where you are randomly chosen to meet virtually with one or two coworkers. This is great as you get to chat with people in the company who you wouldn’t necessarily talk with or directly work with, and find out about their role and get to know each other. 

One of the benefits of working at WeMaintain is also the autonomy. You organise yourself and your team as you want, in a way that’s productive and effective for you. You’re encouraged to be proactive in your decision making and problem solving and you really feel as though your ideas and point of view are heard. 

How does working with your own team and other teams work out?

It works well! In my own team, for example, we have a daily meeting that takes place using Visio as we’re all rarely in the office at the same time. This daily meeting is around 15 minutes and is made for discussing with the team what we are each working on and where we are at in our work. Then we use Slack for instant message communication and Discord or Google Meet for voice chat; everything is put in place to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with others. 

Working with other teams is quite the same as working with my own team, as people at WeMaintain have really embraced remote and partially remote working.

Any more details you want to share about being a remote employee?

I'd like to add that working remotely does not mean that you never meet your colleagues. I've made the choice to work remotely but I usually go to the office in Paris once every 6 weeks for 2 or 3 days, in order to meet both my team and the other teams both in the office and socially outside for lunch or a drink. 

Every so often WeMaintain organises ‘outings’ for the whole team where everyone, including remote employees, are invited to join. These can consist of team building exercises, hikes or other activities and are a great experience and opportunity to meet people from the team, as you’re usually in a group with different people from the company. 

Also, I think that full remote working opens more opportunities for people and for companies. For people, as it gives them more flexibility and possibilities to organise their life, and for companies, as it allows them to attract new candidates from everywhere and also to reduce some office costs.

If you're interested in working with WeMaintain, in the office or out, check out the available roles we have here! ⬅️

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