Get to know Kossivi Amah, React Native Developer and remote employee at WeMaintain!

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How long have you worked for WeMaintain?

I've been working for WeMaintain for 2 months now, so I’m only at the beginning of my journey with the company, but my experience so far has been smooth!

Have you been a remote employee before at your previous companies?

In my previous job roles I've worked partially-remote on occasion, but this is my first role working fully remote. 

I felt as though there was a lack of communication and collaboration tools for me to be able to successfully work remotely on the occasions that I wouldn’t be in the office. 

What has been your experience working with WeMaintain?

WeMaintain has really succeeded with their remote working processes. It’s real remote working, not just working reduced to “working from home”. By this, I mean they have really thought through the different tools, routines and means that are available all day. 

There are regular meetings organised amongst teams to check in with progress or to discuss any queries, as well as weekly country-wide meetings and bi-weekly company-wide meetings to understand progressions and updates within the business as a whole. With the addition of tools and platforms like Slack, Notion, Miro and Google Meet, I’ve found it really easy to work and share ideas with others in the team.

WeMaintain also has these virtual “1on1 coffee catch-ups” that you can opt into, where you can be paired randomly with another employee and get to know each other and understand their role in the company. 

These are some of the great things that make remote working a more natural and fluid way of working. 

How does working with your own team and other teams work out?

Whether in my own team or working with others, the care and the responsibility of each individual really makes it work. This is where I feel the true representation of one of WeMaintain’s three core values, CARE, as everyone works together and is invested in each other’s progress and the project outcomes.

I’ve found that everyone that I’ve worked with is available to help out and works well in a team. I’d say this was also thanks to the tonnes of remote communication tools that we use, making contact between people so simple. 

Any more details you want to share about being a remote employee?

I have to say I really appreciate the flexibility, which I think is also down to the founders’ encouragement for employees to be autonomous in their working. You’re really given the opportunity to organise yourself and create your own schedule, with the trust that you’re getting the work done.

One more thing - I really don’t miss the hours I would spend on public transport everyday!

If you're interested in working with WeMaintain, in the office or out, check out the available roles we have here! ⬅️

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