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Infographic : WeMaintain's functioning

With software rollout, hardware installation and on-site players, WeMaintain’s functioning may seem complex. And yet, with us, maintenance in all your buildings becomes simple and profitable… Let’s see in pictures how WeMaintain works, placing humanity at the heart of a cutting-edge apparatus.

Our expertise: combining humanity and technology

All our teams and technicians are working daily with high-performance digital tools in order to optimise maintenance and make repair processes a whole lot faster:

As for you, you have access to a platform and a comprehensive dashboard for full transparency. And there’s more: in addition to these digital tools, our operational team is available 24/7 and a technician dedicated to your building can intervene directly on-site.

Reasons for upgrading your building management  

Elevators, automatic doors, fire safety systems or even escalators are crucial to a building’s proper functioning. The slightest breakdown or technical difficulty will have damaging effects, for occupants as well as for the building manager.

Efficient maintenance and optimal management will allow you to achieve several goals :

Thanks to this highly efficient and transparent apparatus, together we can create a virtuous circle. With WeMaintain, you will benefit from an expertise that combines humanity and technology at their best – and optimise your building management!

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