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The lift is one of the most sensitive and complex systems in a building. The slightest technical problem can lead to long periods of downtime, impacting the well-being of occupants and wasting (a lot of) time for the Facilities Manager. To avoid problems and ensure that your lift system always operates efficiently, you need to fulfil a number of obligations and follow some best practices! Here is a recap in pictures:

Challenges faced by a Facilities Manager in ensuring lifts are maintained effectively

Got a problem with a lift? This responsibility often falls on the shoulders of the Facilities Manager. To avoid bringing the building to a standstill, you need to be able to act quickly! Having simplified and high-quality lift maintenance means you can: 

A reminder of your obligations and best practices 

Well-oiled lift maintenance is also a question of timing. You need to fulfil certain obligations based on a set schedule: 

Our advice to help you further

To ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently in the long term, here are some best practices to follow: 

To fulfil all your obligations and ensure your lifts are maintained effectively, we recommend enlisting the experts. With WeMaintain, you avoid having to deal with any problems yourself thanks to a simplified maintenance service with proactive notifications. We will listen carefully to your requirements and provide tailor-made support at every stage.

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