An interview with Patrick Rapon: WeMaintain's first partner engineer in Paris

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Name: Patrick Rapon

Job Title: Subcontract Lift Engineer

Start Date: September 2017

What were your first feelings before joining WeMaintain? Did you have any apprehensions?

When I met Jade and Benoît in June 2017, I was far from imagining that they would be so influential in my professional and personal career. They presented me with their project over a burger and fries and to be honest, I thought it was too good to be true. The business model they were proposing was completely novel to me and the industry, but it took me a month to think it over and then give my resignation to my last employer.

So in September 2017, I created my own company and started the adventure with Jade, Benoît, Tristan and Anthony.

How has the company changed since you started?

The decision to move from the status of employee to that of entrepreneur was an obvious one, the desire and my motivations were deep. I started subcontracting for WeMaintain as their first engineer in their first country, so I’ve been lucky enough to see the company grow from the ground up. 

What do you like most about working at WeMaintain?

I love having the opportunity to work on a common project with serious and motivated partners like Benoît, Jade and Tristan. It’s refreshing to collaborate with stimulating people and to participate in a large-scale project that embodies change in the elevator world.

Having a significant turnover which allows me to meet my expenses, yet also to be able to earn enough to give me the quality of life I dream of, is something that I never thought possible in this industry. 

How does WeMaintain compare to your previous job roles?

Working as a subcontract engineer for WeMaintain has allowed me to create an ideal work environment, where I’ve been able to find a balance between professional and family life. Managing my own workload and taking control of my days has really helped me with this balance. 

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain as an employer?

Incredibly likely! I never thought I’d be able to live this way of life while working as an engineer at my previous companies. To be able to work with people who are so dedicated to the company mission, to want everyone to succeed, it’s really inspiring.   

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