An interview with William Tan: WeMaintain's first Technical Director in Singapore

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Name: William Tan

Job Title: Technical Director

Start date at WeMaintain: January 2021

What were your first feelings before joining WeMaintain?

When I first found out about WeMaintain, I was impressed with the unique business model and how it aimed to improve working conditions for the field engineer. It’s not often you see the focus put on the engineer, as I feel it’s a profession that has been neglected by the industry and undermined in its importance to a building’s infrastructure. 

How has the company changed since you started?

Of course WeMaintain has changed considerably since I started, notably it has grown in size, but to be honest, it’s what’s stayed the same that I notice more. Continued flexibility in adapting to asset owner needs; continuing to combine data and technology with engineer expertise to produce great results; continuing to develop technology to leverage the engineer and improve the quality of their job role. These things have remained consistent throughout my time here and regardless of the size of the company.

What do you like most about working at WeMaintain?

The culture, it’s so open and transparent. WeMaintain have created an environment where you feel everyone’s ideas are listened to and there’s so much opportunity to collaborate and make decisions as a team. Our culture keeps us together and means we succeed.

How does WeMaintain compare to other employers?

With WeMaintain, I really feel like everyone is focused on working towards the same goal and the same mission, putting the best of people and technology at the heart of the built environment. I feel like everyone really takes ownership of this mission to make sure we succeed. This level of teamwork and sense of commitment is something I’ve not experienced with other employers. 

Something you’ve learnt from being at WeMaintain?

I’ve learnt the true meaning of care, grit and uniqueness. These three company values really are prominent throughout the team and how we work together, and I can really feel their presence everyday. The way we approach business or situations, the way we work together and the people we work with, all are based on these values. 

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain as an employer?

Very likely! WeMaintain is a place for engineers and other professions to get together and create a better future for the engineers and industry. What’s not to like?

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