WeMaintain’s maintenance service at Hillside Apartments for JDR Property

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Managing a property or building often entails working with multiple lift maintenance providers, whose prices aren’t always the most competitive. On the other hand, calling on a maintenance company that can take care of all your lifts, whatever their brand, will make communication easier. It may also help you reduce your costs! Ask Jamie Rishover, property manager at JDR for Hillside Apartments, where WeMaintain is in charge of lift maintenance.

JDR Property’s challenge at Hillside Apartments

JDR Property is a property development company managing several houses and buildings – among which one is Hillside Apartments. Jamie Rishover, property manager of this block of 6 flats, wanted to change the way lift maintenance was managed there:

WeMaintain’s maintenance service

WeMaintain’s collaboration with JDR Property got off to a good start, with a meeting with the assigned engineer, a pre-visit and a lift condition survey. 

Jamie is now confident that WeMaintain’s maintenance service is a perfect match for Hillside Apartments and suits all his requirements: 

As a result, after working with big maintenance companies for years, JDR Property now prefers to collaborate with independent contractors like WeMaintain!

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