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Nowadays, the real estate sector is made up of numerous providers – each of them specialising in a particular type of equipment (lifts, escalators, automatic doors, fire safety systems). This leads to multiple points of contact and specific digital devices, and therefore results in  fragmented data collection – which in turn brings about a substantial lack of overall view. But don’t worry: WeMaintain’s new Maximize offer was designed precisely to meet this growing need for centralisation!

Standardisation and uniformity

Stakeholders in the real estate sector are currently faced with an urgent need for data uniformisation. WeMaintain’s main question was: “How can we optimise the management of our customers’ technical equipment?”. The first answer was: by making data collection easier and more accurate. 

As a result, WeMaintain’s Maximize solution enables data standardisation and centralisation – for instance by involving a single engineer in each maintenance service to facilitate better communication. Along with that, IoT devices are placed on the equipment, and the customer platform enables clients to view and process this data.

The many benefits are:

The main benefits of Maximize

Maximize your environmental performance

WeMaintain’s Maximize offer aims at – among other things – enabling building owners and technical managers to improve the global environmental performance of their buildings. 

With this in mind, WeMaintain developed its own IoT data sensors, which are assembled in France. These devices are installed on the equipment, and allow customers to assess said equipment’s energy consumption. 

Clients and Property Managers can then access the collected data on a dedicated online platform, with a dashboard displaying an overview of all the data and analysis.

The environmental benefits of the Maximize offer are many. Not only does it enable Property Managers to compare the energy consumption of each piece of equipment, but it also allows them to find solutions to reduce their building’s energy consumption:

Maximize your savings 

Via the customer dashboard, WeMaintain provides its clients with a comprehensive overview of contract spend, including both the original contract amount and additional expenses. The result of this simplified data visualisation? More transparency on expenses, and an opportunity for the client to anticipate and control future expenses. 

This preventive approach has other advantages. For example, it enables clients to:

Maximize user comfort

In order to meet this goal, the IoT devices start by collecting the equipment’s traffic data through an analysis of the movements detected by the sensors. This analysis provides the client with key performance indicators (KPIs), for full transparency: 

The connected devices installed on the equipment also enable the client to receive real-time data on their equipment’s potential breakdowns and failures. Engineers can then intervene quickly, in order to ensure that the equipment is back in service as fast as possible – and therefore minimise disruptions for the building’s inhabitants.

With Maximize, you can make the day-to-day management of your buildings easier and more efficient, all the while saving money. You can also save time when it comes to carrying out your work plans. These benefits also come with a first-rate service for tenants – and therefore a better retention rate!

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