Tek Hussein: WeMaintain's Technical Director UK

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Name: Tek Hussein 

Job Title: Technical Director UK 

Start date at WeMaintain: May 2020

What were your first feelings before  joining WeMaintain?

Nervous and excited would be an understatement! Leaving a traditional lift company I was very comfortable at, to join a new tech company operating within my industry was something I was unfamiliar with, but in the end, I thought it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Also, the desire shown by the founders and the rest of the team to bring me into WeMaintain went a long way in influencing my decision to join.

How has the company changed since you started?

What I have seen change the most is the external perception of WeMaintain, from what at the time of me joining was a completely unknown company, to being a now established player in not only the lift industry but also smart building management. In the year and a half that I’ve been here, we have gone from 5 team members to 30+ in London alone, and now, fully operational in 3 major cities across the globe. 

Initially I was being asked, who are WeMaintain? Why have I moved to a company with no history in London? But very quickly from working with us, it’s clear to customers we have people with extraordinary experience both within and out of the industry that deliver amazing results. 

What do you like most about working at WeMaintain?

What I like most about working here is working with developers, software engineers, and data scientists. I have really enjoyed mixing my skill sets with people that have completely different backgrounds and ideas for the future. It has opened my mind to possibilities that I didn’t think would ever be on the table for me or the company I work for.

How does working for WeMaintain compare to previous job roles?

Something I enjoy that was not previously available to me is being able to discuss my issues and solutions with the WeMaintain technical teams around the globe. I like the research involved in supporting products and clients and having contacts in Asia and Paris, which I’m realising seems to be the hub for a lot of lift suppliers, has worked out really well. Also, my fellow technical directors come from a variety of other companies with different backgrounds, which makes sharing knowledge throughout WeMaintain as a whole very easy.

Something you’ve learnt from being at WeMaintain?

Something I have learned is sometimes you have to take a risk. WeMaintain has given me the freedom to trial and test things out, and I think you really do learn so much more with failure or struggles than you do with success or when it all goes smoothly. Although I do prefer when things go smoothly! 

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain as an employer?

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