Use case: How WeMaintain delivers the maintenance of lifts built by multiple manufacturers

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Managing the maintenance of multiple lift brands in a portfolio can be a daunting and time-consuming task. But what if there was a way to streamline the process by having a single maintenance company take care of all the lifts, regardless of their manufacturer? That's exactly what WeMaintain was able to achieve for CBRE Global Workspace Solutions at the Royal Academy of Arts, in London.

The challenge

CBRE GWS and its client, the Royal Academy of Arts, were looking for a company which could handle the maintenance of devices built by various manufacturers. 

They also wanted to make up for the poor maintenance service provided by their previous maintenance company, as well as implement a new technology solution in order to optimise the building’s management. 

The solution 

WeMaintain’s maintenance service has enabled CBRE GWS to ensure the proper functioning of the RAOA building and its multiple lifts, in particular thanks to an IoT solution. Sensors, dashboards and live reporting – to name a few – provided them with useful information on their equipment and allowed them to monitor use and costs.

This strategy proved effective: after 10 months, the number of breakdowns in the RAOA building dropped significantly. 


When CBRE GWS thought about upgrading the RAOA’s fire evacuation lift, WeMaintain provided insightful technical advice and asked for a much lower price than what the client expected – which was greatly appreciated. 

CBRE GWS also found WeMaintain’s customer platform highly valuable, since it enabled them to access the building’s data directly and ensured the full transparency of the maintenance service: they are now firm believers of the IoT solution!

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