Use Case: A fresh approach to Property Maintenance

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A fresh approach to Property Maintenance: A conversation with Haus Block Management

Zack, a sales executive at WeMaintain talks with Richard Delaney, of Haus Block Management about their collaboration's impact on property management. They discuss the critical role of WeMaintain's customer-focused and technologically advanced services in addressing Haus Block Management's needs. Riley highlights the decision-making process, the challenges with previous providers, and the significant improvements seen since partnering with WeMaintain.

Can you share the main reasons you decided to work with WeMaintain?

One of the main reasons was their fresh and modern approach to customer service and technology. Unlike traditional companies that often lack a personalised communication and interest in new technologies, WeMaintain stood out as a company that does things differently. This aligns closely with our own values in the market. We've faced significant challenges with customer service in the past, especially when taking over new sites. It's crucial for us to have a reliable partner that can communicate effectively, diagnose problems accurately, and demonstrate good value for money. Our clients are resident management companies that are very price conscious and closely monitor budgets and expenditures. Finding a company that can maintain high levels of customer service and explain technical issues in layman's terms has been a significant need for us.

Have you had any previous failures with other providers that influenced your decision?

Yes, the lack of communication with previous providers was a major issue. It's vital for us to partner with a company that prioritises our customers and maintains a good review profile. Negative reviews and comments can severely impact our business, especially when systems are down for extended periods without explanation. We've shifted from working with outdated companies to finding partners like WeMaintain, who understand the importance of technology and customer service. This change has made a significant difference in how we manage and address issues.

How quickly did you start seeing benefits or experiencing an easier workflow after setting up with We Maintain?

The nature of our business means that if we're not hearing any complaints, we're likely doing a good job. Since partnering with WeMaintain, the absence of bad news has been a positive indicator of their effectiveness. The need for reliable contractors in property management is critical due to the many moving parts. WeMaintain has proven to be a reliable addition to our toolbox, providing us with the peace of mind that we're providing good service to our managers and clients.

What have the successes been since WeMaintain took on your sites?

Absolutely. It's important for us to work with a company that not only knows what they're doing but also makes it easy for us to deal with them. WeMaintain offers detailed service reports and monthly service visits that our property managers appreciate. Access to their portal and the experience of their engineers are key factors in our satisfaction. Ensuring that our customers are happy is our main goal, and WeMaintain has played a significant role in achieving that.

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