We interviewed Gobinath Rattinam, WeMaintain's first Technical Director in Paris

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Name: Gobinath Rattinam

Job title: Partner Lift Engineer 

Start date at WeMaintain: November 2017 

What were your first feelings before joining WeMaintain?

Working with WeMaintain has been my first experience with a startup and to be honest, I was reluctant to join at first. Back when I joined Jade, Benoit and Tristan in 2017, we were a team of 5 people total with no office, no other staff and no real structure just yet. Having left a stable job at a reputable company, this was definitely taking a leap into the unknown. 

How has the business changed since you started?

I’ve been really impressed with how significantly WeMaintain has grown since 2017. From delving into new building maintenance verticals, to becoming established in Paris, the UK and Singapore, there has been a lot of progress made over the past 4 years. 

It’s really amazing to see WeMaintain succeeding in creating job opportunities in several specialties for now a team of over 100 employees. 

What do you like most about working at WeMaintain?

Autonomy is widely encouraged at WeMaintain, which is great as you get to carry out cool projects and take charge in your day-to-day activities. Having the opportunity to organise my own time, experiment with different processes and pursue projects that I find interesting, has made working at WeMaintain really enjoyable. 

How does WeMaintain compare to other employers?

Given the amount of time that WeMaintain has been operational, it’s impressive to see how well they’ve been able to organise and structure themselves as a company with such seniority. Having grown so much in such a short period of time, I think this structure has set WeMaintain apart from other companies and helped the growth to be so successful. 

Something you learned while working at WeMaintain?

Working at WeMaintain has highlighted to me the importance of the digital domain in the elevator industry. It’s amazing how much the industry can benefit from technology and its application to maintenance. This is something that I feel WeMaintain is really leading the way with. 

How likely are you to recommend WeMaintain as an employer?

I’m already an active recommender of WeMaintain, especially to people who I think would enjoy and adapt to the environment of this ever growing and fast paced company. 

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