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Whether it's maintenance or work, the promise is there: lifts that work perfectly, services for which the engineer is fully committed, real customer support in case of need for clarification and real-time information for better follow-up. The occupants are happy and my teams gain in efficiency. Watch the video

Director of real estate operations

The first results of WeMaintain's intervention were very quick, we noticed a drop in breakdowns. 8 times less breakdowns on the park and above all a better communication with the users. Watch the video

Director of real estate activities

The presence of WeMaintain is a peace of mind for both our tenants and our teams. Everything has become much easier to manage, we have no more solicitations and our tenants are happy, so that's the main thing! These very detailed analyses of tenant or building behaviour are very important to us. It allows us to anticipate and to be always on top of the needs. Watch the video

JLL France

Since WeMaintain has been dealing with our lifts, the situation has improved considerably. Today things are much smoother, elevators are no longer the main issue for employees. Watch the video

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Vice President
BPI France

Lifts are a strategic element in BPI's buildings. Today, thanks to WeMaintain, there is no more frustration.

Westbury Residential

They are the best and most reliable lift maintenance company I have encountered in an industry characterised by many unsatisfactory companies.

Head of France
Allianz Real Estate

WeMaintain provides us with much more than just maintenance services: access to complete transparency of the maintenance and repair process, detailed analysis of usage for the implementation of preventive maintenance, and customised service for our tenants.

Director of Engineering
Hyatt Regency Hotel in London

From day one, we had a technician on site, assessing and fixing problems. By having the root engineer work with the technical engineers we were able to bring the lifts up to standard within a couple of weeks. Now the lifts are no longer a problem and are up to scratch. They have been running smoothly ever since. Read more

Portfolio maintenance in Île-de-France

At WeWork Colisée, WeMaintain teams came to the site to understand the problem. The result? The breakdowns that had been going on for several weeks were repaired in 1 day and we had 2 lifts back in working order. The site was stabilised over time. Our teams were relieved and our members very quickly satisfied. Following this successful test, we decided to go further. WeMaintain won the maintenance of all our lifts in the Paris region. Read more

Modernisation work on a Parisian site

WeMaintain performed excellently on this particularly complex and specific work, and kept the operations within the tight deadline. During the works, the lifts were always functional and the teams were very reactive and on standby in case of any problems. This ensured that the work progressed swiftly as a whole. The engineers and technical experts were very focused on the task at hand and readily available. Now, the lifts are perfectly renovated and work very well. Read more

Lift & Escalator Maintenance Manager
KeolisAmey Docklands

The first nine periods that we’ve had with WeMaintain so far, I really have had nothing to complain about. I’ve been really impressed with the engineers, the management, the communications and everything that WeMaintain said they could do on paper, they’ve been delivering everyday. Read more

Head of Facilities Management

The initial conversations I had with WeMaintain, both prior to and during the tender process, I found really refreshing. I was hearing business solutions to all of the problems that I’d historically encountered and experienced.  It was an approach based on technology and being proactive. Read more

Building Manager
Colliers International

What I’ve also really appreciated is the level of transparency in the relationship. I know that after a maintenance visit has taken place I’m guaranteed to get a worksheet, with a detailed specification, including photos, of what’s been completed. I’d like to add it’s not just ourselves in the building who have seen a difference either, but also the people who carry out inspections and assessments on the property too. The insurance inspector noted the clear extra effort made by the engineer to close off defects. Read more,


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